The price of PortAventura Park tickets for 2 adults and 1 child, including 2-day ticket to PortAventura Park and 1 day ticket to Ferrari Land, costs  201ÔéČ at the ticket office of the park. For 3 adults costs  210ÔéČ.

Sometimes the hotels make offers of accommodation and it turns out that it costs almost the same to buy the tickets, that buy the tickets + hotel + advantages

DEAL:  Portaventura┬« Hotel Caribe **** 1 room 1 night for 2 adults+1 child 
DEAL:  Portaventura┬« Hotel Caribe **** 1 room 1 night for 3 adults             

When you boook 1 room in PortAventura hotels you obtain:

  • Unlimited free tickets access to PortAventura Park during your stay, including arrival and departure days (see calendar for park opening dates and times).
  • 1-day admission to Ferrari Land included per stay and per person (see calendar for park opening dates and times).
  • Special price for additional Ferrari Land ticket purchases.
  • Special discounts on Express products.
  • Free parking (subject to availability. Limited places).
  • Free Wi-Fi in all hotels and parks.
  • Pick-up service at park shops: buy in the park and we will take purchases to your hotel.
  • Preferential booking for table service restaurants in PortAventura Park (reservations taken at Guest Service in the hotel).

The hotels included in the deal are:

PortAventura┬« Hotel PortAventura ****   Check availability 
PortAventura┬« Hotel Gold River **** Check availability
PortAventura┬« Hotel Caribe **** Check availability
PortAventura┬« Hotel El Paso **** Check availability
PortAventura┬« Lucy’s Mansion ***** Check availability
PortAventura┬« Hotel Colorado Creek **** Check availability
PortAventura┬« Resort (Roulette) **** Check availability

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